Scribbled Lives Week 26—Limitations

This prompt tested my resourcefulness. However, I admit it turned out to be more gratifying than imagined.

“Using a B style nib and the colour black only, do a piece with ten or fewer letters. It is challenging to do a piece that involves so few letters. It must include a graphic or some decoration. The graphic or decoration must also be done in the B style nib.

We must think on several levels: space filling with very few letters, lettering style which is limited because of having to use prescribed nib and colour, size of nib or nibs, and of course to create an interesting piece. Will it be one longer word, two short words, or three really short words? What would be appropriate as a graphic addition? 

I look forward to seeing what you create under these rather strict parameters.

The last time I wielded a Speedball B nib was in the dark ages. After 30 years, it was time to hunt down the nibs and any skill I might still have. I was pushing the boundaries on this prompt on a number of fronts:

Word—10 letters maximum

Nibs—used largest and smallest in my collection:‑B-½ and B-6

Media—sumi ink on Arches Text Laid

Artist—limited skill with B nibs and Zentangle (using a nib or otherwise)

Format—did not anticipate this would go well, so my original plan was to cut into 64 squares and rearrange to create texture and interest. But voilà, the result—intact!

Normally, my designs are text focussed, but I decided to take a side trip and let the process lead. This piece is purely experimental and diversionary. I suspect a breather was needed following the intensity of week 25’s haiku!

The word "limitation: and Zentangle rendered with Speedball B nibs.