Scribbled Lives Week 13—Grammar

This week’s prompt presented a list of 20 grammatical statements published in The Manhattan Mercury. I zeroed in on the malapropism because it appealed most to my grammatical nerdiness.

The noun ‘malapropism’ or ‘malaprop’ is the unintentionally comedic misuse or distortion of a word or phrase, especially the use of a word sounding similar to the one intended but ludicrously wrong in context, e.g., “Jesus healed the leopards”.

Several aprons have been lurking around my studio waiting for letters to land. Since the malapropism contains kitchen references, the combination made for a perfect pairing!

A malapropism walks into a restaurant looking for all intensive purposes like a wolf in cheap clothing, muttering epitaphs and casting dispersions on his magnificent other, who takes him for granite.

A sharp editor would correct this statement to read, “A malapropism walks into a restaurant, looking for all intents and purposes like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, muttering epithets and casting aspersions on his significant other, who takes him for granted”.

This gift is going to a journalist friend who writes a blog called the Supergrammarian. It was going to be decorated with tomato spatter, but since she enjoys cooking, I thought she’d like to collaborate by adding her own authentic kitchen stains!

Fabric marker on cotton panel which is then sewn on a pre-made apron. I played with two fabric markers in my collection. The Jacquard Tee Juice marker had the finer point and worked perfectly for this size of hand lettering.