Umbria: Farewell—Ink, Paint, Paper, Passion

la romita pics - 180Light is an interesting phenomenon. For 10 minutes each morning, there’s a pink cast at sunrise. I savour this beautiful light during morning meditation and prayer.

la romita pics - 109Late night chats with new friends. Enlightening exchanges as darkness descends.

During this season of transition, La Romita is my place to turn the corner to see what’s around it.

la romita pics - 243On the last day of class, we gather to share our manuscript books and tell our stories.


la romita pics - 245


42168865_10156710366718874_8581805129441738752_nAnd then it’s time to say farewell. Heading home with warm memories of new friendships and fresh perspectives.

la romita pics - 254One final door. I see that it is open. The light beckons.


La Romita, Terni, Italy, September 4-18, 2018.
Umbria series photography: Amity Parks, Lily Yee-Sloan
with images from Ellen Bauch, Monica Cimino, Janine Mitchell, Glenn Parks, Wren Parks, Lonnie Watts


Umbria: San Gemini—Small Town



IMG_1338This handsome little guy followed us around town.



41312269_2411744922185996_3592600814364917760_nAfter touring San Gemini (or any town)…

IMG_1346we stop in the piazza for cappuccino…

img_6052-e1538351117569.jpgand gelato!

la romita pics - 96Influences from Perugia’s library collection are creeping on to my manuscript pages!

la romita pics - 75.jpgA choral book inspires this luscious Q by Amity.

IMG_2112Cobblestone paths sneak into Sally’s book.

la romita pics - 248Floor tile patterns and doorways are finding their way on to our collaged book covers.

IMG_2107Rice paper dyed with Bister inks for the covers.

IMG_1309.JPGI became fascinated by Italian doors and passages—photographing over 100—which I won’t show here. (You’re welcome.)



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Umbria: Farewell—Ink, Paint, Paper, Passion