About Lily Yee

IMG_7254In my earlier career as a communicator, I rendered text for legibility and precise meaning.

In my current role as a visual artist and designer, I shape text in creative ways to bring delight, new visualization, and contemplation.

This dichotomy sets me on a lifelong design quest.

Heart of Stone

As a former communications coordinator at the University of Toronto, I was a wordsmith and loved bringing order to wayward texts to clarify their meaning.

As a mixed media artist, I experiment with acrylics, gouache, and watercolour on paper and canvas. Oftentimes I design handmade books. Sometimes I etch glass and carve soapstone. On occasion I have the privilege of teaching adult art workshops.

BWords and letters are my medium. Call me a calligrapher, a lettering artist, or a text artist.

I am not a traditional scribe, but I value the legacy of letters.

My preference is for modern lettering that pushes the limits of letterforms. The “letters” become a design element. They may or may not be legible or discernable.

P1040770I enjoy crafting text so that the identity of the constituent elements is not immediately evident, but upon closer examination may reveal their meaning. I love creating opportunities for those delightful “aha” moments when meaning dawns.

That is the quest.

Artwork © Lily Yee 2018