Umbria: Bevagna—Papermaker

42160714_2427531397274015_6792626761583558656_nA visit to Bevagna’s La Cartiera to see hand papermaking.

IMG_1590Paper is made using various fibres including linen, hemp, and cotton. Lime is added to break down the fibres into a “mash” or pulp.

la romita pics - 199Pulp is transferred to a barrel and stirred to get a homogeneous mix.

IMG_1575Using a mold and deckle, a sheet of pulp is pulled from the barrel.

la romita pics - 200Sarah helps to tip off a sheet from the mold and deckle.

IMG_1577A felt absorbs the moisture.

IMG_1564Sheets hang to dry on a wooden peg system.

IMG_1595Sheets hang on bamboo rods to dry further.


Paper is flattened in a press before being brushed with gelatine to add size (for paint absorption without feathering).

IMG_1599The cobbled streets of Bevagna bustle with Saturday shoppers. I recommend the Nutella pastry and the pistachio cookies from the bakery. Oh, and the cashmere wraps from Badiali come in a rainbow of colours.

IMG_1603San Filippo church bells ring at noon as a couple exchange wedding vows. We were hoping for a glimpse of the newlyweds, but had to dash off to catch our shuttle.



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