Umbria: Deruta—Maiolica

IMG_1548Deruta is a tiny town whose residents make maiolica—tin-glazed earthenware with opaque white glaze and decorated with coloured metal oxide enamel. Ceramic artists Amity and husband Glenn pause at the town’s entrance featuring a welcome sign, a maiolica design.

IMG_1554Maiolica reached Italy in mid-15th century and became a celebrated ceramic art form.

IMG_1552OK, I couldn’t resist sharing another door—this one featuring a decorative transom.

IMG_1556Storefront signage.

DerutaMaiolicaI returned home with two ceramic pieces painted by artisan Diana D’Orsi. The upper, a traditional design, contrasts the lower more modern peacock feather pattern. I’m looking forward to using them as paperweights in my studio.



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