Viva Colombia!

Colombia in calligraphic lettering

Last Friday, I attended my first Parapan Am, 5-a-side football (soccer) match. The series was played by the visually impaired—that’s another story.

The game between Colombia and Mexico was for the bronze medal. Since I was there for the experience, I was impartial; I cheered for both teams!

I happened to sit next to a veteran fan and admired the fabulous lettering on his jacket; it was characteristic of his country’s Andes mountains. Although I did not speak a word of Spanish, nor he English, we shared snacks and the international spirit of the games. He allowed me to snap a photo of the terrific logo on his jacket.

In the end, Colombia lost in a shoot-out. It was a heartbreaking loss for him. Nevertheless, the Colombia logo is a clear winner with me!


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